About Us Swos Net

At SWOS, we offer an unmatched commitment to service and knowledge you can count on. Because we focus 100% on synthetics, our team of specialist provide expert knowledge and product that is unique and unmatched. Located in Houston, Texas, SWOS provides high performance rigging solutions for various industries such as oil and gas, industrial, commercial marine, mining and more. 

The SWOS Difference - A Long History of Service

At SWOS, our people and products make the difference. Since our founding in 1985, SWOS has demonstrated a complete commitment to service. After 30 years, our continuous dedication to our customers has only strengthened. As a full service rigging shop, we not only provide top quality products, but also partner with customers to assess their needs, target the best products for their application, and customize rigging solutions that maximize operational performance. SWOS has the largest selection of cordage in the US, and is renowned for the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

“I’ve known SWOS since 1994 for their fabricating and testing capabilities. Recently I got involved in a project where very tight tolerances for the length of slings were required. Once again, I was impressed by SWOS. They were able to consistently meet length tolerances of less than half a diameter in a series of spliced slings that exceeded 200 diameters in length.” 

-Cesar Del Vecchio, Senior Staff Consultant, Stress engineering Services, inc.

Design and Industry Experts

Our expertise is leveraged in various applications. From mooring lines for ships and offshore platforms, to facing lines for inter-coastal and inland-river push boats, we continuously exceed maritime rigging expectations. In the diverse industry of construction and mining, our tow lines for haul trucks and dozers, winch lines for utility trucks, and high performance lifting slings ensure long term durability and cost mitigation. Ground breaking companies like NASA and SpaceX have trusted SWOS to provide high-performance rigging solutions for projects and applications where wire rope is completely obsolete. Our consumers know that when unlimited synthetic capability is crafted with expert knowledge, maximum performance is limitless.

Samson Partnership and Experience

SWOS has made continuous strides to become one of the leading fabricators in the synthetic rope industry.  Since our inception in 1985, SWOS has been a distributor of Samson rope products. Starting as a Regional Service Center, progressing to become a Master Distributor, then becoming one of three Master Fabricators worldwide, our partnership with Samson, the leader in fiber rope technology has grown. We are now Samson’s largest distributor, worldwide. Working with Samson's industry leading R&D team, Engineering Department, and Technical Services Department, SWOS has gained the confidence that we have the right partner to ensure we provide the best products, the correct products, and the most reliable products in the industry to our customers.


***SWOS is a member of the Cordage Institute.