About SWOS Landing 2

SWOS is successful because our customers truly trust us. Our customers truly trust us because of the exceptional team of specialists that serve them.

We have an exceptional team because we make it our mission to select only the most knowledgeable, experienced individuals to complement the whole.


At SWOS, we are committed to delivering quality products and quality services. Just as important, we are committed to one another. SWOS employees dedicate themselves to our future, so we show our commitment back with a competitive compensation package that includes health benefits, 401k, HSA contributions, paid time off and more.


SWOS continues to experience tremendous growth in the synthetic rope industry. As industry leaders, we must continue to grow and nurture our people. We encourage a learning environment for employees to persistently expand their skillset and knowledge. As a knowledge-focused employer, we offer a host of continuing education courses on-line.

Growth in business also means growing our team. SWOS is always looking for the most qualified candidates to complement our team in Project Management, Quality, Production, Design and Engineering, Sales, and Marketing.