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Experience our culture, commitment to service and top tier capabilities first hand at SWOS University.

The SWOS culture stands on a foundation of understanding our customer's expectations, and striving to exceed those expectations by continuously improving our work processes in the pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction. 

Here at SWOS, our people and products make the difference. Since 1985, our customer service policy has served as the foundation of our complete commitment to service and craft mastery. By continuously striving to better ourselves and our operations, we are able to exceed the various expectations of our customers within the many industries we serve. We invite you to experience our expert service, knowledge and synthetic mastery first hand at SWOS University (SWOS U).

During a SWOS U, you will experience the various capabilities and outreach of our synthetic rope solutions first hand, while being hosted by one of our synthetic experts. As a result of attending a SWOS U, you will obtain detailed insight within our culture, service, operations and various synthetic capabilities. You will also gain a hands on experience through our splicing demonstration, where our synthetic rope specialists are ready to provide you with a detailed look into our splicing expertise and craftsmanship. Some topics we cover include fiber properties, rope constructions, handling and care of synthetic ropes, sling design capabilities, and an overview of our testing services. Many organizations have enjoyed the SWOS U experience, and have long since benefited from our high performance solutions. Our synthetic rope specialists are ready to provide you and your team with an experience you will not forget. .  

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