Cycle And Fatigue Testing Swos Services

Customers, and even competitors, look to SWOS for our expertise in synthetic product testing because we are the best. Through destructive testing, proof loading, and cycle/fatigue testing, we perform internal quality control testing on our products and ad hoc testing for our customers.

SWOS Testing Capabilities:

  • Elongation Data Collection - SWOS is tailored for synthetic rope testing. While most test facilities only collect load vs. time, we can also provide customers with load vs. elongation data.
  • Test bed capacity of 1,000-900,000 lbs. (450 short tons) with an effective test length of 208 ft. long.
  • Mobile load cells – We have a range of load cells up to 150,000 lb. that can sent to customer sites for testing of rigging hardware.

* All load reading devices are calibrated to ASTM E4 standards.