Ask our shipping clients who have benefited from our synthetic rope solutions and quick turnaround times. We carry top quality synthetic ropes and rigging hardware for ship-to-ship lightering and fender recovery. As a full service rigging operation, we can help with installation of new rope, or repair your existing rope to insure extended performance. 

Elasticity. Portability. Efficiencies

While wire ropes on ships continue to pose issues involving portability, compatibility, durability, elasticity, and safety, our synthetic ropes have proven time and time again to be lighter, safer, and more versatile. With fewer injuries and less hands on deck, customers realize increased efficiency and cost savings over time.

Rigging solutions for different vessels

Finding the right rope solutions for your lightering operations can be a challenge, especially with varying vessel sizes and specialized equipment. In addition to commodity ropes, SWOS offers a wide range of fabrics, colors, and sizes to suit your needs. SWOS will send a dedicated expert to assess your rigging system and we will recommend customized rope solutions for various ship-to-ship applications.