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Navigating a barge through harsh offshore conditions can be made easier and safer with a proper rigging system in place. Because we have years of experience working in the marine industry, tow companies can trust SWOS to provide the best rigging solutions for their towing vessels. We only make recommendations that are necessary and that make sense for each specific situation.

While wire may be the ideal solution for your main towline, SWOS offers top quality nylon and polyester options for high elongation that is ideal for stretchers. Light weight synthetic tow bridles are also popular for their buoyancy and ease of handling. In addition to helping you with product selection, our in-house experts will match critical lengths for your bridle and add chafe protection to your line. Also, SWOS can assess your entire rigging system to identify how to maximize performance and increase service life.

Commercial Marine - Offshore Towing

Stretchers / Shock Line

Using the most advanced technology, SWOS’s synthetic fiber shock lines are proven to be as strong as steel cable.

Whether you are looking for good shock absorption, flex-fatigue resistance, or low elongation, SWOS carries a wide variety of stretchers that address your needs. Our team is on-hand to provide installation assistance and custom solutions for your particular tow application.

Commercial Marine - Offshore Towing

Tow Bridles

​Our high performance synthetic tow bridles are ideal for offshore towing.

Their buoyant, lightweight features make them much easier to lift, install and deploy. SWOS provides custom chafe protection to withstand the rough offshore environment. Our in-house design experts will also match critical lengths for your tow system in accordance with industry requirements and regulations.