SWOS’s synthetic ropes compliment the delicate nature of seismic deployments. While wire ropes vibrate and change acoustic properties of transponders and transmitters, SWOS’s line of high performance synthetic ropes result in less noise transfer. Seven times lighter than wire, our synthetic ropes have made transferring equipment between vessels and ocean depths much easier for our geophysical customers.

Commercial Marine - Seismic

Strength Member Ropes

Trusted strength with synthetic member ropes.

SWOS’s high performance synthetics are also used to suspend and encapsulate bundles of electrical cable. These lines are treated for abrasion resistance and longer service life.

Commercial Marine - Seismic

Filler Rope

Our synthetic ropes can be used to fill air gaps for bundles of transmission cable used for seismic projects.
Commercial Marine - Seismic

Lifting Slings

SWOS’s lifting slings are designed with floating rope for ease of connections to ROVs. We will work with you to define your length requirements, working load limits, pin sizes, and other specs to maximize the performance of your sling.
Commercial Marine - Seismic


SWOS's top quality lines of clevis hooks, shackles, turnbuckles, hooks, blocks and other accessories are designed for maximum performance and protection to the rope.

Our Greenpin® product line is ISO 9001-2008 certified and meets a wide range of other recognized standards. SWOS will work alongside customers to determine the most compatible hardware for an application and custom fabricate your hardware as needed.