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Quality matters especially when it comes to the ropes you use to maneuver large tanker ships. Poor quality fiber ropes absorb water and are prone to ultraviolet degradation resulting in lesser service life and slowed operations. Over time, the cost of downtime, line replacements, and added labor result in a higher cost of ownership.

Investing in SWOS’s premium quality ropes can make all the difference in efficiency and cost management of your ship assists. Our HMPE pendant ropes are light weight and buoyant resulting in faster hook-up times. SWOS also carries top quality winch lines and working lines that are tailored specifically to endure marine environments.

We know your industry, so we can customize your line for a particular application. Our solutions drive performance, increase longevity, and ultimately lower your cost of ownership.

Commercial Marine - Ship Assist

Pendant Lines

Custom fabricated pendant lines are designed to prolong the life of the main winch line.

This sacrificial section is attached to the working end of the winch line, where it passes through pitted and scored deck hardware. Through the use of light weight, high strength ropes, equipped with proper chafe gear, faster and safer operations can be achieved.

Commercial Marine - Ship Assist

Main Line

As tanker ships become larger and more specialized, SWOS continues to leverage the most advanced rope technology to ensure smooth operations.

With maximum fiber strength and abrasion resistance, our products are built to handle large vessels and withstand damage over time. Our synthetic ropes are easier to handle and therefore reduce the amount of deckhands needed for connections and disconnections.

Commercial Marine - Ship Assist

Deck / Hand Lines

From deck lines to hand lines, having top quality, high performing secondary lines give you peace of mind in the event that your wire line or any other line fails.

SWOS will partner with you to determine the type of inventory you need to keep on hand. Our products are made with high quality fibers, including polyester and polypropylene, to withstand harsh environments and ultimately maximize service life.

Commercial Marine - Inland

Chafe Gear

The key to extending the life of your synthetic line is proper and effective chafe gear.

SWOS provides several custom fabricated chafing options for various operations. Urethane coatings, fiber sleeves, hook and loop systems, and hose chafing gear are all available for any size line.

Commercial Marine - Inland

Conventional Tug

Through patented technology, SWOS designs rope with increased coefficient of friction and optimal grip for compatibility with steel objects in conventional tug operations.

Our goal is to maximize the service life of your line while reducing injuries and downtime. SWOS will send an expert onsite to determine the best rigging solution for your equipment and vessel.