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Exceeding the Status Quo in Riser Protection Net Construction 

Damage to a riser can be catastrophic at the very least. SWOS’s high performance riser protection nets are designed to engage and repel large debris and typical offshore supply vessels away from the risers. Customized for tension leg and semi-submersibles, these nets are designed with low stretch, light weight HMPE fiber to resist excessive motion and subsequent damage from wave action.

Our riser protection nets are specifically designed to allow the replacement of a section of the net in the field, ideally using platform cranes or winches. Foundations for mounting the nets and holding tensioners are built into the unit. The ropes are designed to break before the hull structure is damaged.

The Largest Fabricator of Riser Protection Nets

With 30 years’ experience in the industry, SWOS has a proven track record of fabricating high performance riser protection nets for some of the biggest customers in the oil and gas industry. From the U.S to Korea and Australia, SWOS has become the go-to supplier of custom engineered nets. 

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    Ichthys Riser Protection Net

    The worlds largest riser-protection net system.

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