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SWOS’s advanced technology of neutrally-buoyant ropes are specially designed to improve efficiency and handling of lines used on cranes, A&R winches, abandon and recover winches, and ROVs for subsea installations. Custom buoyant rope solutions can be used in most depths without propensity for breakage, because they weigh virtually nothing.

Torque-Free for Quicker Installs
ROVs can only thrust so much. Unlike wire rope, SWOS’s torque-free, buoyant lines make it much easier to manipulate an ROV around the sea floor while speeding up connections and disconnections from objects. These synthetic solutions can have custom colors applied for visual aid subsea.

Field Support for Subsea Installations
As masters of this latest synthetic technology, SWOS will send a field technician to your site to perform training on your synthetic lines and make recommendations on rigging hardware and rope design. Our support service capabilities include:

  • Terminations and splicing
  • Special rope configurations including weighted ropes and purpose-built ropes
  • Chafe protection for extended service life
  • Line and rigging inspections
Subsea Applications

Lifting Slings

Increase the efficiency of your lifts with easily inspected and repaired high performance synthetic rope slings.

SWOS designs and fabricates heavy lift slings utilizing a wide variety of fibers and rope constructions. Over the years, fiber rope slings have evolved from hemp to nylon, as well as polyester and Kevlar. Though all of these slings are still used in select applications, the majority of heavy lift slings are now made with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers, such as Dyneema®. This is a very light weight, high strength, minimal stretch material. The key to these slings is proper terminations (splices), adequate chafe protection, and proper application.

Round Slings

These endless round slings are made with a tightly woven, high tenacity nylon outer cover and a polyester inner wall. They are designed with load carrying yarns that offer maximum strength combined with minimum weight.

Subsea Applications

Winch Lines

High Modulus synthetic ropes have proven reliable while significantly reducing operating costs.

Traditional marine engineering holds that wire rope is the preferred line for use on winches. Unfortunately, these very heavy strength members greatly increase handling and safety problems. Working at ultra-deep depths places even greater challenges on deck loads, deck space, and increases the size and power requirements for the winch itself.

Synthetic riser pull-in lines, winch lines, and buoy retrieval lines offer the same or greater strength than steel rope at 1/7 of the weight.

Subsea Applications

Handoff Packages

When moving structures, umbilicals, manifolds and other packages, SWOS can design sophisticated, high performance rigging systems to ensure smoother installations.

With our extensive track record of success in subsea applications, SWOS’s industry experts will assist in formulating hand-off procedures and help you determine the most compatible hardware and slings for moving your packages safely and efficiently.

Subsea Applications

Holdback Tethers

With years of experience in subsea installations, SWOS assists customers in solving the most critical offshore problems using unique synthetic rope technologies.

Our custom capabilities includes designing high performance tethers to prevent movement of PLETS , suction piles, and other structures during subsea installations. With access to the latest technologies and braiding systems, SWOS offers long lengths of large diameter rope for deepwater applications.

Subsea Applications

Riser Pull-In Systems

From design to execution, customers look to SWOS for in-depth consultation on complete riser pull in systems.

With increased efficiency and safety in mind, SWOS will design a system that is entirely compatible with synthetic rope products, all tested and proven for heavy lifting capacity. The benefits of our synthetic riser pull in systems include:

• Smaller winches
• Smaller bend radiuses
• Smaller footprint
• Increased agility
• Ease of Handling

Subsea Applications

Extension Pendants

SWOS’s lightweight synthetic extension pendants allow customers to easily store supplemental rope on deck for situations when a primary line does not have enough reach.

Our top quality synthetic pendants float, yield maximum strength-to-weight ratio, and provide low stretch and wear resistance for ease of handling and extended service life.

Subsea Applications


SWOS's top quality lines of clevis hooks, shackles, turnbuckles, hooks, blocks and other accessories are designed for maximum performance.

Our Greenpin® product line is ISO 9001-2008 certified and meets a wide range of other recognized standards. SWOS will work alongside customers to determine the most compatible hardware for an application and custom fabricate your hardware as needed.

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