Quantum-X is a 12-strand rope that has been engineered for X’tra performance: better snag resistance, higher coefficient of friction, enhanced cyclical bend over sheave (CBOS), and creep performance. It is lightweight, highstrength, floats, is flexible, and easy to handle and splice. QUANTUM-X utilizes Dyneema® SK78 fiber, a new fiber based on the same technology that has made Dyneema® high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) fiber the best performing, most consistent fiber for use in rope and cordage products. It also utilizes Samson’s patented DPX™ fiber technology. This unique process incorporates a textured fiber on the surface of the high modulus Dyneema® fiber yarns. The result is a rope that maintains the advantages of Dyneema®; extreme strength and light weight, cut and abrasion resistance, and adds a higher coefficient of friction for use where enhanced grip is critical.

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