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With the right rigging system in place, you can significantly reduce the risks involved when hoisting drill equipment onto a heavy hauler. SWOS’s synthetic rope solutions offer increased safety and ease of handling compared to wire rope and chains slings. While wire rope is much heavier with poor bend fatigue, SWOS’s synthetic lines are 1/7th of the weight, longer lasting, and much more pliable.

Specialized Services for Increased Service Life

From truck bridles to polyester round slings, SWOS carries a wide inventory of synthetic rigging solutions for a variety of load types and sizes. Drilling operations are plagued with downtime and injuries, so why not minimize your risk with practical changes to your rigging system? SWOS is always stocked with a wide variety of product so we can deliver to you within 24 to 48 hours. We can even customize your rope with our specialized chafe protection for increased service life.

Industrial - Land Drilling

Truck Bridles

SWOS fabricates a wide variety of “Application Specific” synthetic rope assemblies on a daily basis. One unique item we offer is a synthetic rope truck bridle.

These HMPE fiber based slings are a direct replacement for the wire rope slings historically used in rig moves by the transportation industry. Used for moving drill rigs, compressors, pumps, and rigging for the onshore oil and gas drilling companies, these lightweight, durable slings with custom designed chafing gear have proven to outlast wire rope slings 6:1.

Industrial - Land Drilling

Polyester Round Slings

SWOS’s line of pliable, low stretch polyester web slings offers the versatility you’re looking for to lift a variety of loads.

For safety and tracking purposes, customers can rest assured with SWOS’s asset management program. Data for SWOS slings are entered into our online tracking system where certification, serial numbers, service life, and other pertinent product information can be accessed 24-7.

Industrial - Land Drilling

Flat Web Slings

Because of its light weight, strength, and ease of handling, nylon flat web slings are becoming a popular solution for transporting and storing drilling gear. SWOS’s top quality flat web slings are optimal for repeated lifting and tie-downs.
Industrial - Land Drilling


SWOS's top quality lines of clevis hooks, shackles, turnbuckles, hooks, blocks and other accessories are designed for maximum performance and protection to the rope.

Our Greenpin® product line is ISO 9001-2008 certified and meets a wide range of other recognized standards. SWOS will work alongside customers to determine the most compatible hardware for an application and custom fabricate your hardware as needed.

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