Industrial Engineered Lift Swos

Precision means everything when handling high-dollar assets on a worksite, and how a critical lift is executed can make a million-dollar difference. Our experts will partner with utility, mining, petrochemical, and other industrial companies at the planning stages of engineered lifts to ensure the safest and fastest solution for lifting heavy or awkward equipment.

SWOS’s keen precision during the design and execution of an engineered lift alleviates potential damages and wasted time resulting from failed lifts. We work with you in the planning and design stages to determine the best solutions and recommend the most compatible synthetic rigging products for your lift.

With SWOS’s Engineered Lift Package, our team of experts will:

  • Execute engineering analysis to assess load types, lifting points, center of gravity, critical lengths, and more.
  • Draft designs of high performance rigging systems
  • Create a lift plan and offer solutions for problem areas
  • Recommend appropriate rigging lines and hardware
  • Fabricate customized rigging for unique needs
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    Customized Solutions for Unique Applications

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    Custom Designed Lightweight Solutions for Efficiency and Deeper Depths.

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