SWOS Commander

Take command of your lift. The SWOS Commander features a series of three different versions of our synthetic lifting sling, fabricated with Samson’s high-performance AmSteel®-Blue.  Versatile and durable, the SWOS Commander provides an adaptable rigging solution to heavy engineered-lifts in various industries.  As more projects continue to push the payload of standard engineered-lifts, traditional lifting slings can present additional costs delays, safety risks and limitations within daily operations.  Due to its high strength, longer service life, ease of handling and robust construction, the SWOS Commander ensures you get the most out of your lift, while reducing the overall head count of rigging personnel.  With a variety of sizes available in eye and eye, grommet, or adjustable construction, the SWOS Commander provides the most efficient rigging solution to fit your operations.  To protect the bearing surface of each sling, chafe gear options such as DC-Gard and Chafe-Pro® are available for installment upon request. 

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