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Mining companies across the US are witnessing how SWOS’s synthetic rigging solutions are making a difference in safety and efficiency in their operations. We work closely with customers to ensure their rigging systems are optimal for operational efficiency. With a large stock of high performance ropes in all sizes, mining customers benefit from SWOS’s top tier products and quick turnaround times.

Compared to wire rope, synthetics result in less friction, less recoil and less kinking. And because fiber ropes are a seventh of the weight of wire rope, you can count on fewer back, hand, and overall injuries. With a lighter, safer and easier alternative to wire rope, downtime decreases and efficiency increases.

Why lug a 400-pound wire rope or chain around a mine site when you can get the job done with a much lighter and safer option? SWOS brings customers the latest in synthetic rope technology for a variety of surface mining applications. Designed for ease of maneuvering for draglines, haul trucks, and dozers, these lines are significantly more portable so they require less manpower for handling.

Service and Repair

SWOS is known for much more than our products. Our top rated services allow you to call upon a technical representative for custom services such as onsite splice training, inspection and retirement training, rope repair, and best rigging practices.

Surface Mining

Hauler Tow Line

High Capacity Tow Line for Heavy Equipment

Recover disabled equipment faster and safer with the SWOS Hauler.

When your equipment is stuck in the elements, downtime and safety are paramount. The SWOS Hauler, made of Samson high performance synthetic ropes, are extremely lightweight and easy to handle. Because a single person can carry the rope, the full connection and retrieval process can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, all without the risk associated with steel wire rope. These SWOS solutions offer a longer service life than steel wire rope and have the ability to pull the heaviest loads found in the mining arena.

With zero to low energy absorption, the SWOS Hauler tow and recovery lines are helping mining companies reduce injuries caused by wire cables while providing longer service life. Mining customers look to our high performance rigging solutions for haulers, retrievers, dump trucks, dozers, water trucks, loaders, and more.

The SWOS Hauler uses state of the art synthetic fiber to give users the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight. Giving you a safer and faster approach to towing.

• Corrosion Free Material
• Extremely Light Weight
• Capacities Exceeding 100T Available
• High Impact Eye Protection
• High Visibility Chafe Guard

Surface Mining

Retriever Winch Line

High Capacity Winch Line for Heavy Equipment

SWOS carries the high performance Retriever to fit portable and fixed winch systems for cable pullers, conveyor belts, tilt trays, and more. The SWOS Retriever can be fabricated with a wide variety of end terminations and abrasion resistant coatings. Coating colors include orange, yellow, blue, green, red, black and more.

The SWOS Retriever its any high capacity winch and avoids the corrosion and safety issues associated with steel wire rope used by many in the mining industry.

• Corrosion Free Material
• Extremely Light Weight
• Capacities Exceeding 100T Available
• Optimized for Quick Installation
• Flexible at High Capacities

Mining - Surface

Lifting Slings

SWOS’s high quality lifting slings make equipment recovery in mining much easier and safer.

Unlike wire and chains, our fiber rope solutions are free from kinks and whiplash upon failure.

SWOS’s line of web slings, round slings, and rope slings are light weight and provide maximum strength and higher weight capacity for increased performance at the mine site and across a host of different industrial applications.

Our in-house design experts can customize high performance adjustable slings to match critical lengths for your project. For safety and tracking purposes, all of SWOS’s slings are certified and tagged with workload limits and serial numbers.

Mining - Surface

Dump Ropes

Dump ropes are prone to repetitive use and abuse.

Successful trials on synthetics used for single dump rope applications have proven to:

• Reduce Weight by 83%
• Reduce total suspended rigging weight
• Speed up change-out time (6x faster with synthetic rope)
• Increase machine capacity – time and load
• Improve Safety including reductions in back injuries and exposure to other equipment.

With faster change-out times and decreased weight, synthetic dump ropes are proving to be safer and more efficient.

Mining - Surface


SWOS's top quality lines of clevis hooks, shackles, turnbuckles, hooks, blocks and other accessories are designed for maximum performance.

Our Greenpin® product line is ISO 9001-2008 certified and meets a wide range of other recognized standards. SWOS will work alongside customers to determine the most compatible hardware for an application and custom fabricate your hardware as needed.

Mining - Surface

Adjustable Slings

To accommodate a wide range of lifting requirements, customers use our adjustable lifting sling with a permanent eye spliced in one end and an adjustable eye at the other end.

The adjustment allows snug lifting control and minimizes the need for a number of fixed length eye & eye slings. These adjustable slings are available in Single Leg, 2-leg, and 4-leg for pad mount transformers. Color coded and tagged for easy identification. Several options are available for chafe protection in the eyes.

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