Applications Minging Underground

SWOS’s high-strength, lightweight synthetic rope products are improving the safety and efficiency of underground mine sites all over the world. We work directly with mining companies to assess rigging applications for their particular site and only recommend top quality solutions that will reduce downtime, injuries, and cost over time.

Improved Safety at Mine Sites

Our synthetic rigging solutions outperform wire ropes. At one seventh of the weight of wire, mining companies are experiencing fewer injuries while increasing speed of production and longer service life. Synthetic solutions, including towlines for long wall mining and dozer ropes, allow for ease of handling without compromising the strength or capacity needed for rough mining environments.

Mining - Underground

Tow and Recovery Assemblies

With zero to low energy absorption, SWOS’s synthetic tow and recovery lines are helping mining companies reduce injuries cause by wire cables while providing longer service life.

Mining customers look to our high performance rigging solutions for dump trucks, dozers, water trucks, loaders, and more.

Mining - Underground

Winch Lines

SWOS carries high performance ropes to fit portable and fixed winch systems for cable pullers, conveyor belts, tilt trays, and more.

Winch lines can be fabricated with a wide variety of end terminations and abrasion resistant coatings. Coating colors include orange, yellow, blue, green, red, black and more.

Mining - Undergreound

Wire Rope Replacement

With years of mining industry experience, a dedicated SWOS expert will work with you to select the best synthetic solutions to replace your wire ropes and chains.

As a lightweight, high strength alternative, synthetic ropes are outperforming wire for most mining applications. Through the SWOS Difference, customers receive dedicated service and expertise to ensure prolonged service life and maximum performance of their rigging systems.

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