Oil And Gas Engineered Lifts

While your equipment weighs tons, your rigging system doesn’t have to. SWOS’s selection of synthetic slings and ropes make the job of lifting heavy loads drastically easier. Our lighter, longer-lasting rigging solutions are recognized for improved safety and efficiency on construction sites including offshore, fabrication yards and refinery sites.

For offshore lifts, our proven synthetic lifting solutions are lighter above and below the water line, resulting in speedier lifts of manifolds, umbilicals, topsides, and other heavy objects.

The SWOS Engineered Lift Package

When moving high dollar equipment, precision cannot be compromised. Engineers and installation contractors among the biggest names in the oil and gas industry look to SWOS for its expertise in engineered lifts on land or offshore. Through our Engineered Lift Package, SWOS will:

  • Execute engineering analysis to assess load types, lifting points, center of gravity, critical lengths, and more.
  • Draft designs of high performance rigging systems
  • Create a lift plan and offer solutions for problem areas
  • Recommend appropriate rigging lines and hardware
  • Fabricate customized rigging for unique needs