SWOS Hauler

Recover disabled equipment faster and safer with the SWOS Hauler.

When your equipment is stuck in the elements, downtime and safety are paramount. The SWOS Hauler, made of Samson high performance synthetic ropes, are extremely lightweight and easy to handle. Because a single person can carry the rope, the full connection and retrieval process can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, all without the risk associated with steel wire rope. These SWOS solutions offer a longer service life than steel wire rope and have the ability to pull the heaviest loads found in the mining arena.

With zero to low energy absorption, the SWOS Hauler tow and recovery lines are helping mining companies reduce injuries caused by wire cables while providing longer service life. Mining customers look to our high performance rigging solutions for haulers, retrievers, dump trucks, dozers, water trucks, loaders, and more.

The SWOS Hauler uses state of the art synthetic fiber to give users the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight, giving you a safer and faster approach to towing.

• Corrosion Free Material
• Extremely Light Weight
• Capacities Exceeding 100T Available
• High Impact Eye Protection
• High Visibility Chafe Guard

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